Hello World!

26.10.2014 Timisoara, Romania
One bus, 30 people and lots of talent. Sleeping, awakening and sleeping back again. The good thing is that we are lucky. Our deticated crazy driver along with the organizing team is here to wake us up. We don’t lose bus stops and destinations. We sleep peacefully while the only annoying thing is this artist that takes 10 photos/second. Ok, apart from the artist they get us covered but what
about the rest of the travellers?

No worries.. We got them covered.

Today, the 26th of October 2015 Tripsleep launches the solution to this problem. Tripsleep is a mobile gps based app that helps you rest while being on the road. It simply notifies you some time before your arrival so you can sleep relaxed. Our vision is to help any single sleepy traveller, to enjoy a peaceful nap during his public transport ride. The good news is that this can be done through a simple,
user friendly application. We target hard workers, sleep lovers and drunk people. We wake them up and give them social points. Our alpha version is available for testing upon request. So if you want to check it just fill in the landing page form. just f and we’ll soon open online feedback forms. We build the app for people, so their opinion is the most important thing for us.

Cu around,

The non sleeping team


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